Month: February 2020

SF Masterworks Series – A Science Fiction Best of the Best?

As a teenager I didn’t read a lot of science fiction books; my tendencies were more in the direction of epic fantasy. It was only as an adult that I started seriously reading SF. I’ve always felt therefore that I needed to catch up on the science fiction classics. How do you know what the classics are though, and when you’ve identified them, who’s to say they’ll even be in print? I was wrestling with these questions one day when I first came across the SF Masterworks series, from publisher Gollancz. The first Gollancz paperbacks came out in 1999 in …

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1970 in Books

I’m starting a new series today, part of a wider project I’m doing going year by year and looking at all different entertainment – movies, TV series, games etc. But here it’s books, starting today with 1970. As usual, all book title links are to a book’s entry on Goodreads. 1970, the starting point for my journey, was a surprisingly good year for books. According to the website, the most popular book from that year is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. The book is about Margaret, a not quite teenager in America struggling with …

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