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Amazon Music for AlexaIn my household we’ve embraced the Amazon Echo, but not previously tried Amazon Music. We started out with one last year and we’re now upto three, with probably another one before the end of the year. After playing around with Alexa’s more gimmicky features, we now mostly use the Echo devices listen to music. Up to now we’ve used Spotify (Family subscription) which is great, but the only problem is we can only listen on one device at once. If you ask Alexa to play music on one Echo device when someone elsewhere in the house is listening to music on a different Echo, it will stop playing music on the original device, and start playing on the new device. You also can’t play the same song on more than one Echo at once. Now in theory, with the Family subscription you could each have Spotify paired on your phone to a different Echo, then you could turn music on through your phone. That’s a bit of a pain however and defeats the point of having voice controlled speakers!

Amazon Music – Playing Different Songs on Different Echo Devices at the same time

I decided to try Amazon Music Family (£14.99 per month, but you can for a limited time get a free trial month). Like Spotify Family, you can have upto six different users, but the great thing is you can ask Alexa to play music on multiple different devices. So everyone can get Alexa to play different music on whatever Echo device is in their room. You can also if you wish pair up speakers so that more than one speaker plays the same song, so for instance you can get all the downstairs Echo devices to play the same song in sync.

Amazon Music Allows Other Family Members At Different Addresses

One added benefit with Amazon Music Family is that you can legitimately share your subscription with other family members that¬† live at different addresses. This is in contrast to Spotify, whose terms and conditions specify that you have to live at the same address. So we’ve been able to add both sets of parents to our subscription, so they can listen to music too in their own home at no extra cost. Be aware though that you are essentially sharing your account with them, so they would potentially be able to order products from Amazon using your payment details. So best to do what it says and stick with family members!

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