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What was On TV Today in 1972

What Was on TV Today in 1972 Today, 26th November, in 2017 it is a Sunday, and it was on this day in 1972 as well. So shall we see what was on the box? When I looked at what was on in 1971, the early morning (it was a […]


What’s on TV in 1971?

As I’m writing this it is 6th November. I could go on and choose from any one of hundreds of channels and thousands of TV shows and films on demand. But what was there to watch on TV on 6th November 1971? Well it is a Saturday so there was […]


If you thought there was a lot of good TV shows that first aired in 1970, there’s a lot more in 1971 including a few long lasting shows that will be recognisable to many people, if only because of TV re-runs. Here’s a few of the highlights. The Waltons – […]


Top Television Shows from 1970

Following on from a look at what was on TV on a particular day – 6th August 1970 – in this post I’m looking at some popular television shows that first aired in 1970. For this year, there doesn’t appear to be many major shows that started up, though do tell me […]


What was on Television in 1970?

television 1970

Following on from my look at 1970 in the movies, it’s now time to see what was on TV in 1970. I’ll take a look at popular TV series that started in 1970 in the next few days, but first, what were people watching on television today in 1970? Today as […]


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