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I am fascinated by many things, as this website is testament to, and one thing I’m particularly interested in is geography. Not geographic processes like glaciation, erosion, volcanic activity, that sort of thing (although they are interesting too), but finding out about different countries and places around the world. These aren’t travel guides, I’ve not been to many of these countries and that’s only going to increase as a I spread out from Europe and write about countries all round the world. Instead it is a mix of things – history, geography, folk tales, music, culture, food and more. From time to time I pick a random place in that country to write about, and try to find out what it’s life to live there. It’s amazing what you can find out from the internet.


Austria – All About Austria

Belgium – A Bit About Belgium

Bulgaria – From the Black Sea to the Balkans

Croatia – People, places, history, food & more

Cyprus – An island of two halves

Czech Republic – All About the Czech Republic


The Land of Happy Vikings
Food in Denmark
Home of the Happiest People in the World?


A Country Punching Above its weight
Estonian Food & Drink

Land of the Midnight Sun
Food in Finland
Finland & the Sauna
Schools in Finland – The Best in the World?

I Feel Like I Know France
Regions of France
French Cheeses


Portugal – A Visit to Portugal

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