My film stuff. I’m not as in to my films as I am books, but I still like to write about them from time to time.

Current projects include my Retro Files projects, working through the best films by year, starting with 1970. Here’s where I’m upto so far:

1970 at the Movies

Top Films of 1971

Best Films of 1972


Marvel Re-watch

I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I’m just starting to rewatch them all from the beginning. Join with me, I’ll let you know my thoughts on watching them again.

About The Site

This is site includes writing on various topics. Check out the books section for book related articles, author guides and book reviews. The Retro Files is a fun look at Games, Music, Films, TV & Books from yesteryear. I’m starting in 1970 and working my way forward year by year. The Fascinating World section collects together various writings about different countries and places across the world. Then there’s the Misc section, which has everything else!