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Denmark – The Land of Happy Vikings

Nyhaven Copenhagen, Denmark

Where on Earth is Denmark? Some countries in the world are easy to identify on a map, but could you pinpoint Denmark? Just a few months ago I’d have struggled too – I’d have been able to tell you roughly what part of Europe it was in, but then I’d […]


Cyprus – An island of two halves

Cyprus Church

Cyprus – A Short Guide Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean. It’s divided into two halves, a Turkish half and a Greek half. Its divided geography is like its history – complicated! The history of Cyprus is a history of its overlords and occupiers, which reads like a who’s […]


Bulgaria – from the Black Sea to the Balkans

Bulgaria – from the Black Sea to the Balkans Bulgaria is a completely European country, and yet it lies on the Easternmost fringes of the continent. It is bordered by Turkey to the south and it has a long coastline on the Black Sea, directly across the waters from which […]


A Bit About Belgium

Belgium Next stop is Belgium. It is a small country, less than half the size of Scotland for instance, but it packs in 11 million people. It’s also been a key arena in European affairs for all of its existence, being fought over numerous times and being controlled by many […]


All About Austria

Where is Austria? Before I get into details, the first question has to be, where is it? Austria is a landlocked country in central Europe, bordered by multiple countries on all sides – Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, and Slovenia and […]


Jump into the Escape Pod for great Audio SF

There are so many great places to read and listen to short stories online, especially science fiction but most of these are not well known. I’ve decided to periodically take a look at one, to shine a light on some hidden gems. In my forays into the world of SF […]


Reading Arthur C Clarke short stories

As part of my recent enthusiasm for short stories, I’ve started on some classic science fiction stories. I mentioned Clifford D Simak last week, and I’m going to be reading more of his books soon, but I decided to take a fresh look at a rather more well known name […]


Continuing on from my last post, I’ve got more great short story recommendations, most of which you can read and/or listen to online.  I’ve been reading mostly science fiction short stories, but have picked one or two non sci-fi stories that I’ve enjoyed recently too. ‘Light of Other Days‘ by […]


Reading short stories

I’ve never been a big reader of short stories, always preferring novels, and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon, but I’ve recently started reading some short stories and I have been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed some of the stories I’ve read. There’s also quite a […]


Save our Libraries

Update: This was an article I originally wrote in 2016. Since then, most of the libraries mentioned were closed, but in a government u-turn, most of them are due to be re-opened, some as community libraries run by local people. Great news! I went down to the library earlier in […]


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