French Cheeses

28th October 2017 lancastersteve 0

“How can you govern a country that has two hundred and forty six varieties of cheese?” – Charles de Gaulle   Along with wine, cheese […]

Finland Food

Food in Finland

28th October 2017 lancastersteve 0

Meat play a prominent role in Finnish cuisine, if anything more so than in other countries. This could be because historically fresh fruit and vegetables […]

Curd Snacks

Estonian Food & Drink

26th October 2017 lancastersteve 0

Estonian Food “Where there’s work, there’s bread” – Estonian Proverb Estonia may be the smallest country I’ve come to so far, in terms of population […]

Danish Pastries

Food in Denmark

23rd October 2017 lancastersteve 0

Danish Pastries and Other Goodies Until recently Denmark was not known for its food. There is one food item that people the world over associate […]