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What was On TV Today in 1972

What Was on TV Today in 1972

Today, 26th November, in 2017 it is a Sunday, and it was on this day in 1972 as well. So shall we see what was on the box? When I looked at what was on in 1971, the early morning (it was a Saturday) was dominated by foreign language learning programmes, and it looks like 1972 they’re still keen on this with ‘Respondez S’il Vout Plait’ on at 9.30 and inviting you to converse in French, and episode 9 of 25 in the Italian language learning course Avventura. If they were on these days, there would be a companion website. In those days you could either buy a book or a record to go with it. The French programme offers the book for 27p, or the record for £1.05.

Here’s a selection of other programmes on 26th November 1972 on BBC1:

11.00 – Seeing and Believing – This was a half hour long non-fiction programme, but can’t find anything else about it.

11.35 – A Job Worth Doing. This is part of a series looking at different jobs and occupations. In this episode it was about Police cadets and legal executives.

12.00 – Design by Design. Part of a series of ‘programmes for industry’. You really wouldn’t see that today! This episode asks the question: How should we educate and train designers? Game of Thrones it is not!

12.25 – The Edwardian Affair. Documentary series about the Edwardians.

12.50 – Farming. This one is about the effects the EEC is having in the Lower Saxony region of West Germany. Europe was a big preoccupation at the time (as it is in the UK today) as we were about to join in 1973.

13.15 – Made in Britain. This episode is called The Boiler Business, and looks at how one of the great names of Scottish Victorian engineering is facing the challenge of the European Common Market. This would probably be quite useful today too.

13.30 – Jimmy Young Asks. How do you get on with day to day living? This episodes looks at managing your money.

14.15 – The Shari Lewis Show – a programme with ventriloquist Shari Lewis and ‘hush puppy’. Only a ten minute programme though, I guess people would get bored before too long!

17.20 – Cranford: Episode 1. I saw a 2000s version of this a few years ago, but its not surprising there have been multiple versions of this Victorian classic.

18.55 – Songs of Praise – One of the longest running shows on television. It was an old show then (it started in 1971), and is still going strong in 2017.

19.25 – The Onedin Line – This was a popular TV series which lasted for 8 seasons, about the fortunes of an English shipping family.

20.15 – Ace in the Whole. A Sunday night film from cinema’s hall of fame, starring Kirk Douglas and directed by Billy Wilder.

22.20 – Omnibus. A journey across Australia through the paintings of Sidney Nolan.

23.05 – Parkinson – the chat show host talks to Kirk Douglas.


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